About the Dot Net Technology

Whether you are an aspiring developer or a software professional looking to learn about developing modern day multi-platform running applications and web apps, Dot Net is the platform for you.

Dot Net has been the technology of choice for a large number of developers and software companies world over simply for the features and versatility it offers. And we cannot expect anything less from Microsoft, can we? From having a solid IDE to a large community to support you across any hurdle, it is the best resource for application development.

Its feature set includes a robust caching system, easy maintenance, a rich toolbox and an automatic monitoring system for noticing problems like memory leaks and infinite loops. There are tons of advantages that Dot Net offers making it popular in the communication aspect as well. Email and chat platforms for seamless communication between employees are preferably made using Dot Net. It can integrate with your Outlook for a more holistic experience. With its backbone as Microsoft, its use in the Gaming industry, to develop PC, web and console games is beyond doubt. As for web applications, the ASP code and HTML combine smoothly to generate dynamic web pages. ASP.Net is also a known to be the ideal server side scripting platform.

Dot Net is becoming more and more popular in the recent times for its ability to help in the development of cross platform and mobile applications that are comparatively more powerful and flexible. As a result, clients get user-friendly and reliable applications in a realistically short period of time. On the other hand, budding programmers are finding great career opportunities by pursuing this framework making a good Dot Net course in Mumbai a sought after thing.

Luckily, Itedge offers the best Dot Net training in Mumbai. Its Dot Net certification is widely recognized. The Diploma course is designed for all Graduates (Bsc CS /BA/BCom/BSc IT/BCA) who are looking for career in IT. Our Dot Net syllabus is designed according the needs of corporate client which will surely help you to clear the interviews easily.

We are known to offer the best Live Project Dot Net Training in Mumbai. In order to get a real time Dot Net experience, our Microsoft certified trainers conduct a full-fledged live project development scenario designed to give students and developers a firsthand app developing experience using, C# with ADO.Net, MS SQL, HTML5 Programming with Java Script & CSS3 and Visual Studio.

At Itedge, you get to learn from Microsoft Certified Trainer & Dot Net Experts who keep themselves updated so that you don’t lag behind. Our .Net course covers C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, Web Technologies, Programming and SQL as per Industry Standards and Practical Oriented Training with Experienced Faculties, spread over a comprehensive and adaptable tenure so that you get the best learning experience. So why wait? Enroll now and make hay while the sun is shining at its best.

Course Syllabus

Programming Logic & Flow Charts - 8 Hours
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Operating System
  • Types of Application Programs
  • Algorithm
  • Flow Charts
Programming Fundamentals Using C - 20 Hours
  • Introduction to C Language
  • Including External Modules, Data Types
  • Variables & Constants
  • Expressions & Operators (Ariithmetic, Relational, Logical, etc.)
  • Sequence Controls & Loops in C
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Sorting & Searching Arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • String & Math Funtions
Introduction To OOPS - 12 Hours
  • What is Procedural Programming?
  • What is Object Oriented Programming?
  • Advantages of OOPS Over Procedural Programming
  • What is a Class & an Object?
  • Member Variable (Object Level (Instance) Variable)
  • Static Variable (Class Level Variable)
  • Local Variable
  • Object Function (Member Functions)
  • Constructor
  • Static Functions
  • Access Specifier - Private, Protected, Default/Internal,Public
  • The Basic Characteristics of OOPS
  • Abstraction
  • Interfaces
  • What is a Package or Name Space?
HTML5 Programming with Java Script & CSS3 - 40 Hours
  • Overview of HTML & CSS
  • Creating & Styling HTML Pages
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Creating Forms to Collect & Validate User Input
  • Communicating with a Remote Server
  • Styling HTML5 by Using CSS3
  • Creating Objects & Methods by Using HTML 5 APIS
  • Adding Offline Support to Web Applications
  • Implementing an Adaptive User Interface
  • Creating Advanced Graphics
  • Animating the User Interface
  • Implementing Real - Time Communication by Using Web Sockets
  • Perfoming Backgroung Processing by Using Web Workers
XML - 16 Hours
  • Introduction to XML
  • DTD & XML Schema
  • Using CSS with XML
  • Using XSLT in XML
  • Using XPATH in XML
  • Using XML DOM
Using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - 4 Hours
  • Introduction to Network
  • Client/Server Concepts
  • Protocols
  • IP Addressing
  • What is FTP?
  • Different Software Tools used for FTP (Filezilla, Cute FTP etc.)
  • How to Create a free Domain on the web?
Visual Studio 2012(IDE) - 8 Hours
  • Build a UI in a WPF Application
  • Customize the Appearance of a WPF Application
  • Bind UI Controls to data Sources
  • Bind UI Controls to Collections
  • Create new controls in a WPF Application
  • Manage Documents in a WPF Application
  • Add Graphics & Multimedia Support to a WPF Application
  • Configure & Deploy WPF Application
C#.Net with ADO.Net - 52 Hours
  • Introduction to .Net
  • Expressions & Operators
  • Sequence Controls & Loops in C#
  • Constructing Classes
  • Input/Output(I/O)
  • Exception Handling
  • Working with Threads
  • Working with Window Form
  • Working with Common Controls & Events
  • Working with Menus & Toolbars
  • Working with Printing Controls
  • Working with Dialogs
  • Creating & Processing Text Files
  • Generics & Collections in C#.Net
  • Setup & Deployment
  • Introduction to ADO.Net
  • ADO.Net with WinFroms
  • ADO.Net with WebFroms
  • Language Integrated Query [LINQ]
  • XML & ADO.Net
  • Entity Framework
Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2014(70-461) - 40 Hours
  • Foundation of Querying
  • Getting Started with Select Statement
  • Filtering & Sorting Data
  • Combining Sets
  • Grouping & Windowing
  • Querying Full - Text Data
  • Querying & Managing XML Data
  • Creating Tables & Enforcing Data Integrity
  • Inserting, Updating & Deleting Data
  • Other Data Modification Aspects
  • Implementing Transactions Error Handling & Dynamic SQL
  • Designing & Implementing T-SQL Routines
  • Using Tools to Analyze Query Perfomance
ASP.Net with IIS - 44 Hours
  • Introduction IIS
  • Installing & Configuring IIS
  • Creating the Home Directory
  • Using C# Code to Create ASP.Net Pages
  • Basics of HTML, HTML5
  • HTML, HTML5 Along with ASP.Net Web Pages
  • Master Pages
  • Displaying Multimedia Contents in Web Pages
  • Upload a File, Download a File
  • Using Other Controls Such as Data Grid Control
  • Browser Capability Recognition
WPF & WCF in.Net - 40 Hours
  • Introducing WPF
  • Introduction to WPF Controls
  • Layout & Container Controls in WPF
  • Menus, Toolbars & Status Bars in WPF
  • Dialogs & Multimedia Content in WPF
  • Deployment in WPF
  • Introducing WCF
  • Introducing Service Contracts
  • Instance Management in WCF
  • Data Contracts & Error Handling in WCF
  • More About Service Contracts in WCF
UML for Modelling Software Projects (Systems) - 8 Hours
  • Fundamentals of UML
  • Identify the Evolution, Scope & Building Blocks of UML
  • UML Drawing Tools Such as Edraw,Dia ETC.
  • Structural Diagrams & Behavioral Diagrams
  • Create Class & Object Diagrams
Version Control System Subversion (SVN) - 12 Hours
  • What is Version Control System?
  • Introduction to Subversion (SVN)
  • Creating Repositories in SVN
  • Standard Layout for SVN Repositories
  • Basic Commands in SVN
  • Adding Files to Repository
  • Listing Files in Repository
  • Checkout
  • Updating the Working Copy,SVN Diff
  • What is Tortoise SVN?
  • Installing Tortoise SVN?
  • Overlaid Icons in Tortoise SVN.
  • Creating Repositories in Tortoise SVN.
  • Repo Browser
  • Performing Basic SVN Commands in Tortoise SVN.
Soft Skill Training - 8 Hours
  • Basics of Communication
  • Importance of Effective Communication
  • Prepare & Deliver an Effective Presentation
  • Interview Question
  • How to prepare for an Interview
  • Resume Writting Tips
  • Identify Common Questions Asked in an Interview
Project Internship - 14 Hours